• Shirley-Daily Record

    Recently featured in the Daily Record article highlighting the Fashion Revolution Day.

    We have to raise awareness of what people are wearing, where it is from and how long it will last. The idea is that you don’t throw things away, you keep them.

    You can read the whole article here.


  • Had a great day at the Lanark Small Holders Festival on Saturday 26th September.  I was there as a ambassador for Zero Waste Scotland and the Love Your Clothes campaign.
    I had some interesting discussions/sold some more" Girls Get Stitching" books need to re think  the title to 'ALL' get stitching under took some small workshops with  a variety of people from aged 8 years to 80 years!
    I was lucky enough to discuss my research and future research with Ingun Grimstad Klepp an ethnologist who works with SIFO in Norway and Tone Tobiasson - responsible for NICE Norway and Editor of the website.
    All in one day!
    Lanark Small Holders Festival
    Lanark Small Holders Festival 1

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