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There are few things as comforting as a soft, fluffy, warm cushion. Our lovely soft cushions made from pure wool can be personalised with your special message, and will give a lifetime of pleasure.


  • Personalised initials can be added.
  • 100% Wool hand stitched linen backed cushions.
  • Size 20" x 20"
  • Price: £180-£200 each.

Typical cushion size: 20" x 20" or 45cm x 45cm. Price: £100-£200. Place an order


Did you have a special comfort blanket when you were younger? Our pure wool blankets are warm, unique, personalised and can be handed down from generation to generation.

You can order these Pure wool, hand embroidered blankets with any design.

  • Full size wedding and anniversary blankets (cotton backed)
  • Cot, pram and christening blankets (cotton backed)
  • Request your own personalisation.


Size:Small (Cot) 80cm x 100cm / 30 inches x 40 inches.       Price: £650.
Size:Medium 100cm x 150cm / 30 inches x 60 inches. Price: £800-£1000.
Size:Large 180cm x 200cm / 70 inches x 80 inches. Price: £1200-£2000.     Place an order

Christmas Stockings

Santa is sure to be impressed by these hand embroidered Christmas Stockings!

Each one can be uniquely personalised with a range of festive designs and the name of the lucky child (or grown up!) The Christmas Stockings are made of wool.

Size: cm x  cm /   inches x   inches. Price: From £105 dependent on detail. Place an order

Christmas Sacks

Add some magic to your Christmas that will be cherished year after year. The Christmas sacks are made of pure linen, and each is hand embroidered with a name and unique design. 

Size: cm x  cm /  inches x  inches. Price: £125. Place an order



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