As Christmas approaches and orders for custom stockings fly in, The Cross have written a feature piece on Shirley McLauchlan and her work. Read the piece on their website here, and make sure to take a look at all of the new designs Shirley has been working on recently.

Shirley McLauchlan is a longtime and much adored collaborator of the Cross. Her intricate embroidery and use of both pattern and colour come together to make the most magical of creations. A textile by Shirley is a forever piece, once owned, it is always treasured. Cross owner, Sam, has a collection of Shirley pieces from blankets to cushions, with her children's names adorned. Each piece, a treasure and memory marker. 

Shirley's new stocking, pillow, and dressing gown designs are avaliable to purchase from The Cross or within the 'Order' section of this website.Screenshot 2021 11 29 at 144236

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